This site has been put together to commemorate the life of Stuart Goodman, photographer, trumpeter, lecturer, Labour Party activist, synagogue shofar blower, husband, father, old fart etc etc. We hope you will enjoy sharing your memories here and reading those of others.

Stuart started his life sharing two rooms in the West End with his Mum, Dad and great aunt. When his aunt was diagnosed with TB, the family were rehoused on the then brand spanking new Woodberry Down estate. They were the first in the family to have an indoor toilet and hot water. He survived a grammar school education, just, and went on to train, unsuccessfully, as a junior school teacher.

He wanted to be a jazz trumpet player and played in the original National Youth Jazz Orchestra in the mid 1960s. His first national press publication was of NYJO at the Marquee club for the Times. The £4.12.6 fee changed his life.

He worked as a Fleet Street press snapper and picture editor for twenty-five years. During the late seventies and early eighties, he found himself living in Broadway Market in Hackney, a place he fell in love with as soon as he saw it. Ironically, he met both his wives there, though as he would always say, mercifully not at the same time. In March of 1982, he took a series of photos of the then very dilapidated market which later became his book ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’ published by OwnIt London just two weeks before he passed away.

In his later years he lived in Norfolk (mostly in Norwich), where he completed an M.A. in fine art, taught photography at F.E. colleges and in adult education, and ran a community gallery with his son Adam. He is survived by his wife Annie, a music therapist and former teacher and their two young people, Adam a photography graduate, and Joanna a charity worker.

He is remembered for his warmth, wit, obduracy and way of making you feel like you were somehow the most special person in the world while you were with him. He always had an unwavering belief in people’s potential, and many have fond memories of the part he played in their story. We’re delighted now to be able to share his story with you.

If you have memories of Stuart you’d like to share, they’d be very gratefully received on the memories page. If you have any photos or videos of the great man, please send them to annie.henriques1@gmail.com.

If you would like to make a charitable donation in Stuart’s name, we are fundraising for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity who are supporting the staff who gave him such wonderful care in his final days as well as previously. You can donate here.