A collection of Stuart’s photos taken from his so-called legendary filing system. Explanations in his own words.


Stuart was a photographer for over 50 years. The images in this section are a random selection. Most of his newspaper work is untraceable and most of the negatives of are unfindable.


A bit artsy…these pictures were an attempt to isolate detail from the landscape and were all taken on a long lens at maximum aperture to minimise depth of field.


These are scrap parts from 2CV cars, as delivered to me in a couple of carrier bags.


These garages were on the A47 twixt Norwich and King’s Lynn, and closed over the last few years, some very recently.


I began to photograph this walkway by Norwich’s Catholic cathedral and began to see things in it. I probably started talking to myself as well.

Broadway Market

I lived on Broadway Market in the late seventies and 80s. These pictures are Broadway Market Hackney in 1982, at the time of a major community action to prevent the then Greater London Council demolishing it.

Robert Kett

In 1999 the town of Wymondham celebrated their local hero in a major festival, which I photographed.