Robert Kett

I have always had an interest in community arts. My involvement has included being the manager of the Iceni Orchestra, uniquely, a professional orchestra with an amateur management committee based in Kings Lynn. I have also been involved with a number of photography projects including ‘A day in the life of Swaffham’ in which the 6000 inhabitants produced a record of their lives in over 2000 photos. The project was published in Amateur Photographer 1996.

Robert Kett was an unlikely revolutionary. A Norfolk landowner and tanner, he led “a protest movement against injustice especially the enclosure of common land which caused much hardship to the poor”. (Kett 99 programme). He was hanged in December 1549, but only after a major rebellion and much slaughter.

In 1999 the town of Wymondham celebrated their local hero in a major festival, which I photographed. The pictures were exhibited at Wymondham Abbey Church. Wymondham is a most unlikely place to celebrate a revolutionary, but the Kett’99 festivities were magnificent, and involved the whole community. The project was reviewed in the BJP in 1999.