The Holga is a Russian roll film camera of stunning quality. A single element lens, which is improved by fingerprints, the lens cap etc etc.
I developed the photographer’s version of writer’s block. Snapper’s lurgie or something. I began to photograph this walkway by Norwich’s Catholic cathedral and began to see things in it. I probably started talking to myself as well.

I bought the Holga on a whim after seeing it on ebay for twenty quid. I then looked on Google and found the several hundred sites dedicated to the plastic beast.

The leaflet with the Holga went on about the need to mummify the camera to try and render it light tight. In that I have failed. The pictures are something else. For me, they take the camera out of the equation, and give the opportunity for a dollop of art speak and make the most amazing images. I’ve now bought a Lomo for a fiver…